Last week, I had to interview a business owner for one of my marketing classes. I chose the owner of a local pub, and it got me thinking about the differences between larger corporations and small businesses. I also thought about how the local economy can sometimes differ from everywhere else, and how important local businesses are to my community.

I believe La Crosse, Wi can grow and prosper into something really special, because we already have that feel, and are expanding. I’m excited to watch new businesses pop up and hope to see them grow. The downtown area has expanded greatly, and I’m hoping locals will frequent those businesses versus the chain restaurants and stores. I would like to see downtown be the main source of shopping instead of the mall.

I see the north side starting to use “Uptown” in a couple of business names and I think that could really be something that attracts more people to that area. I see that as a great opportunity to expand. Businesses could work together using the idea of Uptown to collaborate. Larger cities have different parts of town with different stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and each part of town offers something different and unique that attracts people, and I think that could work here.

Local businesses are the backbone of small towns and cities across the country and the world. As technology grows, I believe digital marketing is vital in making sure the success of these businesses prospers. I’m excited to observe my growing community while I finish school, and looking forward to working with it in my career when I graduate!


Photo Credit: Jessica Doering


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