“What are your strengths?”

Do you hear that question and are uneasy to answer it? I’m sure we’ve all been asked this question in job interviews, school, work, etc. What makes it hard to answer?

I believe self-reflection is difficult at times. Sometimes it’s hard to take a look at yourself from the outside, and seems arrogant to list things that you’re good at. Sometimes we learn best about ourselves from what people around us observe. I think when it comes to personal branding it is important to get to know yourself, and to be confident. What do your friends like about you? What have your bosses or teachers complimented you on? What are some of your strongest beliefs or ideas? How do these all translate into skills?

I myself am a mild-mannered person. I’m more of a listener than a talker. I observe. I believe that helps me to hone in on solving problems. I’m very organized, I like to create a plan in any given situation and map out where to go from there. I believe this helps analysis and brainstorming, meetings, conflict resolution, and implementation within any career I choose.

If I take a look at what my peers have said about me, I can agree to the fact that I am kind, sympathetic, humorous, giving, and strong-minded. Feedback that I have gotten from previous bosses and co-workers have been along the lines of being organized, patient, hard working, and polite.

I believe these traits can make me stand out in my career. I have a great ability to sense what others are feeling and accept and respect various ideas and opinions. I am one to include everyone in anything that I do, and appreciate creativity and collaboration. I have a passion for helping others and carry out that goal whichever it may be. I am looking forward to using my strengths to stand out and help clients and businesses stand out as I pursue my marketing career.


Photo Credit: Jessica Doering



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