Mobile Advertising and My Career

What is mobile advertising and what does it matter?

Mobile advertising is a way to market your business through mobile channels like social media, websites, and apps. It’s done through ads that you can customize and place throughout. Smartphones, tablets, and other devices can be reached through mobile-optimized advertising.

I think mobile advertising might be one of the most important concepts in my marketing career. Now more than ever, there’s an opportunity to focus on reaching people through their phones.

Here are some facts that stuck out to me as I was researching this topic:

40% of user’s internet time is on mobile.

By 2019, mobile advertising is expected to represent 72% of all U.S. digital ad spending.

By 2020, mobile ad expenditures are expected to have nabbed 65 percent of all Internet ad budgets.

These statistics are bound to increase even more every year. As a consumer and a marketing major, I have become a lot more aware of mobile marketing. Just this last year, trends have changed. There’s now sponsored Snapchat filters. Facebook Messenger allows businesses to use bots to message you. Instagram links to specific product purchase pages. It’s ever-evolving and understanding it can spark creativity to come up with new ideas in any marketing strategy.

Personally, I see my career focusing on local businesses, and mobile marketing is a great tool for that as well. For example, you can use Google Adwords to create a local ad extension on mobile. This uses your location to pop up in the nearby area as well as linking a phone number to call. Location-based marketing can also be used to make your ads appear when people are in close vicinity of your business. Another option is Facebook ads to boost visits to your business page and your business itself.

It’s crucial for any business to be optimized for mobile. This can be making sure your website is mobile friendly, to strategically placed ads throughout mobile apps depending on your target market. It’s a concept to stay updated on and put into place in all aspects of marketing any type of business.



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