Herschel Supply Co. Stukent Brand Analysis


After reviewing the social media activity in the last 30 days of Herschel Supply Co., I have noticed a few trends.

With Facebook, users are drawn to non-promotional images with a link. Primarily, these are lifestyle journals that Herschel Supply has put together with an image and link to their blog on their website. I believe people are drawn to these posts because they’re tastefully branded with Herschel Supply while also showcasing the user experience of travel and the outdoors. You can see it in the numbers: with just 4 of these posts, they drew in almost 34k likes, as compared to 43 posts of promotional images with only 20k likes. The ratio of posts to likes shows clearly what type of posts are most effective, with people sharing and commenting on these posts the most as well. Now looking at the 43 posts of promotional images, these were primarily posted links to the Facebook page with an image of the product from the website to purchase. I found it odd that at times, they seemed to spam their Facebook page in early morning hours with over 20 of these at a time, with little to no interaction, varying from 2-10 likes per post. It seems counterproductive to do this type of spamming, as it doesn’t seem like the correct time of day to be reaching customers. They seem to have received the most likes and interactions between Friday-Sunday. I attribute this to people having free time or getting paid Fridays, which can mean having time to read the lifestyle journals as well as browse for purchase.

With Instagram, the users seemed most drawn to images of people outdoors with a Herschel Supply Co. product. In fact, these images performed 50x better than any other type of content on their Instagram in the past 30 days, with almost 70k likes and over 200 comments on these posts. The other types of content, including images of people wearing the product indoors, or just the product itself indoors, only received an average range of 3-5k likes. One type of content that stood out, along with the images of people outdoors with the product, were outdoor images with no product. These were images of various locations around the world. I believe both of these top-performing types of content do well because they’re attracting the users who have an interest in travel and the outdoors, which is in line with their Facebook as well. I believe this is their best target audience that they try to appeal to.

With that being said, as the top competitor for Buhi bags, I think the travelers and outdoorsy audiences are what needs to be targeted as well. People in this target respond best to consistent lifestyle content that gives a feel for the brand and gives a personal touch. Customers want to know that these products can be used in real life situations like travel, by real people, not just being shown promotional shopping posts. One thing Herschel Supply has shown is that their spamming in the early hours isn’t what people like, so I think Buhi should avoid that. Weekends seem to appeal to the audience the most, probably because people that enjoy the outdoors and travel tend to want to do so on their time off, so that can be a time to showcase why Buhi products can fit in with that. Herschel Supply Co. does a great job at keeping their images consistent and of good quality, so that should be something to strive for as well.

All in all, I have learned that Facebook and Instagram can be completely different as far as interaction goes, but that it’s important to keep brand consistency across both so people have the same feel for your company regardless of what platform they’re seeing it on. When people hear of a brand, I think one thing should really resonate with them and not a confusion of jumbled content or messages.


Photo Credit: Herschel Supply Co. Instagram (@herschelsupply)